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Improvements on the simulator to make corrections easier

I’ve made a couple of improvements on the Educational Network Simulator, this time to make the teacher’s life a little bit easier.

If you enter the simulator with the following URL: you will directly see all the computers’ configured data. That way, if you are correcting an exam or an exercise, you’ll save time as you’ll not need to enter the configuration dialogs.

As for now, DNS servers and HTTP servers do not show their specific data, but everything else can be directly seen.

If you are making custom modifications, you have to initialize the simulator with the parameter:

NetworkSimulator.verbose = true;

CPU use improved in BDKanvas

Although I’ve not made great changes to the project lately, only minor bugfixes, I’ve just improved CPU usage in BDKanvas project. The drawing process consumed too much CPU as it constantly redrawed all the scene, though nothing had been changed. With this update the scene is only redrawn if it has changed somehow.

Previous CPU usage on my computer was more or less a constant 30% and it drained the battery in my tablet and mobile phone. Now it just consumes what an usual webpage would need.

Enjoy the update!

Welcome to BDKProjects

Welcome to BDKProjects. This page is intended to publish my personal projects, so anyone interested can make use of them.

Up to now I’ve got two projects that I would like to share with the community:

  • NetworSimulator: a networking simulator intended to teach basic networking concepts to secondary school students.
  • BDKanvas: a distributed collaborative HTML5 canvas that can be used to create contents in different devices, intended to be used a substitute for digital boards in classes that do not have one, but have instead a projector and wifi connection. A tablet (or even a big mobile phone) can be used with big zoom to write or draw, and the contents will be displayed on the classroom computer with the adecuate zoom level. Thats just an example…

The code will be available on Github, so if you want to contribute, fell free to do so!