Connecting to a session

The “connection” tab can be used to connect to an existing session (that is, a shared canvas), or create a new one.

The connection can be validated using an existing username and password, or anonymously.

If the connection is validated, the user can decide whether other users(validated or not) will be able to connect to that session and can provide a password so only users knowing it can connect.

If the connection is anonymous, the server will specify the maximum number of sessions. If that number is reached, the new session will not be created, but a list of existing anonymous sessions will be given, so the user can connect to one of them.

The fields that can be found on the connection tab:

  • URL: the URL of the server.
  • Session ID: the session to be created, or to be joined to.
  • Username and password: if the connection will be validated
  • Anonymous: check if no username and password will be provided
  • Allow other users: check to allow different users to connect to the session (only for validated connections)
  • Session password: if the session does not exist and is validated, the user can provide a connection password. Any user knowing it (validated or not) will be able to connect to that session.